Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It is the first day of school today.
I am home alone.
Really, really home alone.
No husband (work)
No 16 year old (school).
No 10 year old(school).
No 7 year old Bernese Mountain Dog named Yukon(RIP).

I resigned from my position last week.
Gave my notice on my 1 year anniversary of working there.
It was a long, long haul.
Rewarding and frustrating at the same time.
There was a weight that turned out to be much heavier than I thought.
But to those around me, not.

It's a new beginning.
I started a new business (yes, another one).
I already have 2 clients and my site isn't even up yet.
A new 4 month old Bernese Mountain Dog, Dragon, will be here September 20th.
I'm ready to exercise my mind and body-yoga and workout here I come.
I'm cooking and baking again(kids love that).

I'm taking time for me.
Going back to being present.
Remembering to enjoy the process at least some of the time:)

But today, today is reserved for 'Ladies Who Lunch.'
Cocktails anyone??